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Our Campus

Design Philosophy: A learner-oriented school
World-class facilities and a green eco-campus

Design around the needs of students

ISA Wuhan is jointly designed by Singapore CPG Design Company and Zhongheng Design Group. It is a smart and ecological campus tailored to the needs of learners.


Professionally equipped lighting with high quality lamps to provide a comfortable learning space for students.Air-conditioning and fresh air system to provide a good learning environment for students.

Ancillary service areas

Shared overhead floor with fully functional facilities such as a coffee shop, school uniform shop, showcase hall, atrium showroom, meeting rooms and teachers' admissions office.

Swimming Pool

It is equipped with changing rooms, bathing rooms, a direct drinking water area, a drowning prevention system and a medical first aid room, etc. At the same time, the floor has been designed with student safety in mind to prevent falls and slips.

Perfect facilities and equipment

State-of-the-art facilities will include a world-class indoor gymnasium, Olympic-sized swimming pool, library, lecture hall and various sports and comprehensive venues, which can meet the development of students’ interests in all aspects and teachers’ unique curriculum design needs.


In line with international acoustic standards, the studio is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting, sound equipment and a professional performance stage.Equipped with ergonomic chairs, lectern, intelligent screen and in-venue air-conditioning, sound room, simultaneous translation room and intelligent control room. All types of events such as music, drama, speech and stage productions can be catered for at the same time, and high standard competitions can be held.

Indoor basketball court

The court is equipped with professional wooden flooring, basketball hoops, spectator chairs and other facilities. Equipped with professional electronic equipment such as lighting, video, scoring, sound, large screen for live broadcast. Advanced indoor air-conditioning, fresh air system will also automatically adjust the indoor environment to ensure the comfort of sports.

Lounge space

Shared spaces in halls of residence that make use of the architectural feature of interconnected podiums to effectively serve students in each building.There are discussion areas, shared tea and water bars, entertainment and relaxation areas, showcase areas, small theatre performance areas and gymnasiums to allow students to have more space to express their personalities.

Authoritative environmental certification

The school will be built in accordance with the two standards of world-class WELL v2 “GOLD” building standards and China green-building “2 stars” Label.

Black Box Theatre

Equipped with special stage lighting, sound and intelligent control systems to give the audience an immersive experience. The interior materials are environmentally friendly and sound-absorbing to create an artistic space. The theatre is equipped with an intelligent control system, and the advanced air conditioning and fresh air system in the theatre can also be adjusted automatically according to changes in humidity and CO 2 in the room.

Student Residence

The halls of residence are set up in standard 4-person dormitories, divided into senior and junior dormitories. Space is clearly defined and each student has a separate living and learning space, allowing for shared communication and privacy. Each student is provided with an entrance locker, furniture and bathroom fittings from high-end brands in the market, and the overall quality is up to first-class international standards.


A dining area for young children, a dining area for primary and secondary schools, a buffet area, and a coffee and pastry making area. The furniture is sourced according to age groups, each sharp corner is rounded to prevent students from cutting and the floor is made of non-slip tiles.