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Boarding at ISA Wuhan

ISA Wuhan provides boarding for students from elementary to high school. The student residence is close to the teaching building and sports facilities. Boarding students live in spacious, comfortable, ergonomically designed rooms that meet international apartment standards and are equipped with high-quality cotton bedding, and professional laundry service is provided for all students twice a week.Boarding students share bedrooms with a maximum capacity of 4 students per room. Residential housemasters and housemistresses who also live on site and in the boarding house.

Richard Beddoes
Head of Boarding, ISA Wuhan School
  • Graduated in Physics and Geology in 1992 from Staffordshire University, UK and has a background in both education and business, including 8 years teaching English and Physics in China and South Korea.
  • Founded and led his own outdoor education and retail business before moving to China in 2014, completing his international PGCE from The University of Nottingham.
  • He has helped to develop new school campuses and high-quality boarding provision in a number of successful international schools in China.
  • Most recently, he initiated and developed the boarding provision as Founding Assistant Head of a new school in Zhejiang.
  • He has also led the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award and the World Scholar's Cup, helping students to build their confidence and enhance their university applications through a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Unlike traditional boarding schools in China, the school employs an international team of professional boarding staff, all of whom receive ongoing professional training, are accredited, and authorised by the British Boarding Schools Association and meet the standards. As well as looking after students and ensuring their safety, ISA's boarding teachers are also responsible for the pastoral care and well-being of students. In addition to the care of students' pastoral care, they are also responsible for their emotional well-being and sense of belonging and value in the House.

At ISA, the boarding department is not only a place for children to live daily but also an outreach to students' academic life. ISA's distinctive Pastoral Care Programme aims to look after and cultivate students' emotional and social wellbeing, helping them to grow into responsible citizens, reach their full potential, and become the best versions of themselves they can be. Pastoral care is a broad and holistic approach to looking after and developing students.

In addition to physical and emotional care, the boarding also offers individualised subject tutorials, such as a language support for younger boarders.

A key element of our boarding programme is the personal and social development of students. The link between this and academic success is well-proven and students who are most successful academically are often those who have well-developed personal and social skills. Our boarding routines and careful record-keeping ensure that students learn to organize themselves and their personal and shared spaces. For example, they will need to make sure they are prepared for the next day at school and that they have everything they need. Students will learn to manage their time, by making sure they are punctual and use their study time and relaxation time productively. There is a ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy in the boarding house that encourages students to focus on their academic studies but also to ensure they are active and physically healthy.