Wuhan ISA Middle School (NCEE) Wuhan ISA Middle School (NCEE)

Wuhan ISA Middle School (NCEE)

Wuhan ISA Middle School (NCEE)

ISA Wenhua Wuhan Senior High School offers a secondary section for domestic progression, with the Chinese National Curriculum as its core and a competitive maths programme as its speciality. The whole-person education philosophy is integrated with a multi-lingual learning environment and a multi-cultural CCA course system.

Enrolment Plan

Middle School 4 classes (24 students/class)
Senior High School 1 class (24 students/class)

Highlights of Wenhua NCEE Programme


Excellent teacher resources

Two headmasters from top local schools lead the school in curriculum research, teacher training, teaching management, quality supervision and expert team building.


The way to top world Universities

World Olympiad winning coaches in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry help students to apply for world-famous schools both at home and abroad.


Bilingual teaching, multicultural integration

The international education platform of the ISA Wenhua High School provides an immersive bilingual learning environment where Chinese and foreign teachers work together to provide a multicultural blend on campus.


Small-class teaching, one to one tutoring

The small class teaching allows students to fully enjoy the interactive opportunities of the class and engage in more in-depth learning.


A wide variety of CCA courses

The school offers over 40 CCA course options in language, sport, art, technology and other specialised activities, giving children the opportunity to explore themselves and find out what they love about life at a very young age.


Connect with the international curriculum, Diverse University Entrance Pathways

With the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum as the framework, ISA Wuhan offers a wide range of courses and assessment systems, including IB, A-level, AP, PE, Art and other mainstream courses, with different student characteristics.