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Continuous ISA International Curriculum & Multiple Pathways

Under the ISA whole-person education system, according to the different characteristics and needs of students, ISA Wenhua High School provides students with a variety of further education channels, so as to adapt to the whole person development of different students.

Kindergarten Primary School Junior High School High school
Adopt international advanced heuristic education philosophy Chinese National Curriculum+ International Curriculum Framework Chinese National Curriculum+ International Curriculum Framework
Multiple pathways for international programs
National Curriculum National Curriculum: Competition
National Curriculum: Arts

Pastoral Care Programme

Pastoral care is an important part of the Wuhan ISA curriculum, designed to help learners develop their character, personality, social and emotional skills, build resilience and prepare for the future.

Moral Education Courses
  • Physical and mental development
  • Thematic Activities
  • Citizenship
  • International Perspectives
  • Study Tours
  • Club Activities
  • The students form four different social academies, which are not limited by age, school or nationality boundaries.
  • Each student will find their own project-based tutor in the framework of the academy organisation for research-based and experiential activities and learning.
  • In teams, students help each other as equals and care for each other, learn to appreciate others, learn to sympathise with the underdog and learn healthy competition... It helps children to gain experience and life experience in the academy.
Boarding Curriculum
  • Boarding is also a life, a curriculum, where students achieve personal growth under the supervision and guidance of teachers.
  • Extending students' learning time and widening access to learning resources.
  • Allows students to develop close relationships with teachers and peers.
  • Develop students' international interaction skills and international understanding.
  • The boarding curriculum complements and extends the knowledge beyond classrooms.

Dual languages & various languages offered

According to the needs of different age levels, we provide Chinese and English dual-native language teaching for all students in the IB program to help students obtain a bilingual International Baccalaureate certificate.

The immersive English language environment can comprehensively improve students' English application and thinking skills.

Additional second foreign language courses such as Japanese, French, Korean, Italian, German are offered for primary and secondary school students to meet the needs of multicultural communication.

For students taking the college entrance examination, we provide courses to improve the learning of minor languages such as Japanese, French, and German.

Small class sizes and diffirentiated teaching

Small class teaching mode and teaching by levels The whole school implements small-class teaching and is capped at 24 students. The high teacher-student ratio meets the individual learning needs of students.

Our teaching formulates individual plans for students at different levels, fully considering the learning needs and learning styles of each student.

Whole process counseling and guidance

The college counseling of ISA Wenhua is provided from the time students enter high school. Through long-term follow-up counseling service, students' cognitive ability, scientific research and self-development ability are comprehensively improved. At the same time, it also provides useful materials for students to apply for universities.

100+ Co-curricular activities

CCA courses are activities and learning experiences within the school It complements the academic program. Academic achievement is an important factor in school life and is complemented by an enrichment programme, resulting in a well-rounded education.

ISA Academy divides the development of CCA courses into three levels:


Expand interests and stimulate potential, prepare for advanced courses


Skill improvement becomes a specialty and develops towards a more in-depth professional direction.


Participate in professional competitions on behalf of schools or individuals to provide assistance for further education.