Introduction to AP Programme

The ISA Wenhua Wuhan AP Centre is based on the CCSS (The Common Core State Standards) and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) national education standards (for high school students), and provides a comprehensive curriculum to meet the needs of all types of students, based on the principles of individualised teaching and learning, stratification and personalisation.

The ISA Wenhua AP Centre is committed to the philosophy of whole-person education and development, an innovative model of high school and undergraduate education, access to top international educational resources, and a collaborative effort among students, teachers and parents to build a culturally integrated and codeveloping educational ecological community. We provide students with a comprehensive and multi-faceted programme of high school diplomas, application resources and personalised training.

Educational Philosophy: Love and Respect

Love: Trust, tolerance, potential, internal motivation
Respect: Respect for differences, respect for individuality, respect for dreams, respect for choices

Curriculum Design

Course type Course name

Courses required to pass (compulsory)

English Teaching

English (English and American literature, writing, listening and speaking), history, geography, current affairs and technology reading.

Bilingual Teaching

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Chinese Teaching

Chinese, politics, music, art, physical education, volunteer work

Courses required to pass (compulsory)

TOEFL/IELTS guidance course, SAT/ACT guidance course

Expanding courses (compulsory. optional)

STEAM project-based research courses (compulsory)

class projects, group projects and individual projects. This course also includes computer, information technology and other contents stipulated in Chinese senior high school syllabus.


Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Economics, Computer, Robotics, Debate, Model United Nations, Space city design, Internet plus-innovative design.

Optional courses and clubs (optional)

Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Drama Performance, Dance, Graphic Design, Digital Imaging, Painting Art Basics, Art Design, Ceramics, New Media, Movies, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Fencing, Canoeing and Golf.

AP courses (compulsory. optional)

AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Psychology, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Physics C, Electromagnetism AP, Physics C, Mechanics AP, Computer Science AAP, Environmental Science AP, English Language and Writing AP, Macroeconomics AP, Microeconomics AP, Statistics AP, World History AP, Art History (choosing 4-8 out of 17)

College courses (compulsory. optional)

English Reading and Writing (non-credit), Public Speaking (non-credit), American History (non-credit), University Learning Skills (non-credit), English Reading and Creative Writing (6 credits), Advanced Mathematics (4 credits), Advanced Physics (4 credits), College Chemistry (4 credits), College Biology (4 credits), Psychology (4 credits), Introduction to AI Software Design (4 credits), Media Research (4 credits), Introduction to Research Methods (2 credits), (compulsory for non-credit courses, choosing 4 out of 9 for credit courses)

University Application Guidance

Introduction of Chinese and foreign higher education, admission requirements of universities, top 100 universities; formulation of personal further education plan, guidance of choosing schools and majors, documents, interview and application process.

Schooling Features

Double Diploma

Integrating the best resources from China and the United States, you can enjoy a pure American high school in your own city. We provide advanced courses in liberal arts and sciences, as well as the guarantee of dual Chinese and American student status.


We respect differences and implement tiered teaching to ensure learning for all students. We uphold the principles of love and respect to develop whole-person education in an all-round way.

Various pathways for further studies

We have created a new model of interconnection between high schools and undergraduates, with the strength of world-renowned schools, creating export guarantees for multinational resources.

Maximise the ability of students to develop

We train students to the standards of elite schools and ensure their abilities. We focus on research ability to provide the greatest assistance for students applying to universities.