Build A Multi-Cultural Ecosystem of International Education.


At ISA, our students will be:

Well versed in both western and Chinese culture

Life-long learners

Effective collaborators and compassionate leaders equipped to face the challenges of the future

Three purposes, building diverse learning community

Learning for life
Learning for the world
Learning for the future

Four values, original intentions of ISA Wenhua


We value the development of human kindness and the establishment of empathy for each other's situation, so as to recognise that we and the life of others are intertwined.


We attach great importance to promoting the righteousness of people. In the interaction between individuals and the community, we should always reflect on ourselves, reflect on learning, reflect on the world around us, have the courage to take responsibility.


We attach great importance to the development of human etiquette, respect the value of different cultures, and recognize the positive significance of multicultural enrichment to the development of the community and the world.


We attach great importance to promoting people's wisdom, discerning principles, sticking to the bottom line, and understanding the common direction of personal community and world development.